B&E Contractors knows that anybody who has experienced a summer in South Central Texas understands just how hot it can get! Because of the harsh summers of San Antonio, the quality of paint on the exterior of your home is crucial. As with a lot of objects, not all paint is created equal! B&E Contractors has the knowledge of proper paints and its uses for a particular job and offers a wide variety of painting services for both residential and commercial clients.

B&E Contractors knows that exterior painting is more than just ‘slapping’ a coat of paint periodically onto the outside of your home. Before we begin your painting project, B&E Contractors properly prep the surfaces to be painted. A pressure washer is used to clean the surface and remove any loose paint. Any stubborn, loose paint not removed by the pressure washer is scraped off and all holes and/or cracks are filled. Once the surface is prepped, the exterior of your home is painted by an experienced and professional painter.

Not only can B&E Contractors repaint your home’s exterior but also its interior. A little bit of paint to the interior of your home can go a long way to completely transform the whole feel
of the house. A bold and bright paint color goes great in your child’s playroom, and a soft and warm colored paint can make your bedroom a peaceful and relaxing space.

No matter your color preference, B&E Contractors will provide unparalleled, quality service to paint the interior and exterior of your home or office with the right paint. We will guide you in every way possible to choose the right quality paint and color for your current home or office space. B&E Contractors will make any paint job in the city of San Antonio a quality experience by working closely with your needs to bring your vision to life!

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