A lot of homeowners in San Antonio face the same problem; they are in love with their
home and neighborhood but are outgrowing their current space! B&E Contractors
can give you the best of both worlds by enlarging your current space via an addition and keeping you in your lovely home and neighborhood.

A great way for B&E Contractors to increase space in a home is by adding a sunroom. Sunrooms are a great addition to your home by not only adding extra space, but by also giving your home a unique, outdoor feel even while you’re inside. Let B&E Contractors of San Antonio screen in your existing porch or balcony to give you and your family some extra year round, usable space.

If you don’t have enough property for an addition to your home, you can always “build up”! B&E Contractors can add a second story or convert your attic space in your existing home to create that game room, media room, or home office you’ve always been wishing you had.

B&E Contractors can add space to your current home in any way you can envision. We will help you in every area to add a perfect living space to your current home. B&E Contractors will make your vision a reality by working closely with you and making your experience easy and exciting!

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